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Guten Tag zusammen,

es hat nun etwas länger gedauert - aber ich habe dafür geregelt, daß alle 10
schlussendlich Interessierten teilnehmen können. Wir sind also eine gute Gruppe; bei
Ihnen gehe ich davon aus, daß Sie im wesentlichen die 7-10 Tage während des Workshops
vor Ort sind. Unterkunft ist auch geklärt, ich schreibe in den nächsten Tagen eine Mail
wann wir uns treffen um die Terminplanung zu machen - denn Sie müssten dann auch schon
Ihre Flüge buchen.

Nun wissen Sie auf jeden Fall für Ihre Projektwahlen Bescheid!

Mit freundlichem Gruß,

P. Heidkamp

* * * * * *

Yeah, Nairobi, here I come! :D
No dates for the trip yet, but I guess it will be in roughly two months from now!
7-10 days Nairobi and the flight and sleeping will be paid by school! :D
How cool is that? :D
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So, here it is, the movie I made for the animation seminar. It's my first try with stop motion, so be nice, please. I have to admit I'm quite content with the outcome. The intro was done in flash, also something I usually never use. Yesterday was the presentation in our (small) lecture hall and it was cramped with people and I could hear they enjoy it and that was really nice :D

Warning! - Do not watch this movie if you have arachnophobia or if you hate spiders/ants/crawly things. I'd say the movie is cute (I mean, really, no irony here), but there is much of the above mentioned.

My pet - Stop motion movie )
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And they show my stuff :) Even if there is nothing said about it, but still, cool :D

Also, I had a little accident yesterday and bend my foot in an really unhealthy way. I'm not able to walk normally and my right ankle is basically twice as big as it should be (see here). Today it's still the same, I guess I have to go and see a doctor or something. :-/


Feb. 2nd, 2009 02:25 pm
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I wonder how many kilograms you can gain in 4 days?
Yesterday: Sweets fair, first day :D
The exhibition seems to attract quite some audience, my stuff was photographed various times in the 20-30 minutes I was there. Heh :D
I collected a shitload of different sweets! [livejournal.com profile] zorn, [livejournal.com profile] moni_v and [livejournal.com profile] blutjuwel have been there with me (got cards from other students for the day), [livejournal.com profile] cosmoproletins boyfriend joined in as well (but walked around on his own). Carla herself unfortunatly was to sick to come along, poor baby.
It was a lot of fun and I was so sick of trying all that delicious stuff after just 2 hours and my feet hurt like hell. But it was worth it. Like I said, I collected much stuff (a big bag full), some is good, some probably horrible, but anyway :) Tomorrow I'll be there again and on wednesday as well. Esepcially then I'll try to get my hands on as much stuff as possible, as most exhibitors don't want to take the stuff home again and on this day you can collect even the stuff you don't get the first days.

But right now my biggest concern is still my movie, gaaaah. I'm working on the flash intro right now, but it seems to be going fine, so I'm happy. I can't thank [livejournal.com profile] majinaraparticl enough for helping me so much with it.

Having [livejournal.com profile] cosmoproletin and her boyfriend here was very nice, unfortunatly she was very sick the whole time, didn't leave the flat at all and my bed only to get something to eat. And I didn't have as much time as I wished. But it was very nice having her around and I really hope she has a better stay in Amsterdam now.

Also, here is the website about our project, now including all (and not just 10) products.
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So, it snowed here and everything looks pretty and white. Unfortunatly I don't have the right shoes for that *and* my car bike is at the repair shop, as it has a flat tire :( Well, I'll get it back tomorrow, but still. Bleh, so annoying!

Another annoyance: I went to the Plasma Service to get myself checked and registered so I can donate blood plasma. It's possible to do this 38 times a year and every time you get 20 Euro, so that would have been a little more than the study fees for one semester = very useful. BUT - I'm not allowed to donate :( My veins are too thin, so it's not possible. Damn.

Totally unrelated: Right now one of our professors wrote something on the intranet, about a project together with a university in Nairobi. Sound pretty cool AND the students taking part are going to fly there for a week or four. How cool is that? I'd really like to take part, I just have to see if it works with my schedule. And if he would take me :) I guess there will be many people who want to take part.

Project text )

Also, one of our professors had a round birthday and her husband (i'm not sure if they are married, at least they are a couple), who is also a professor at our school, wrote a book about her (including articles of many other people - all writing about her and her work) which is actually published. Thats somehow really cool/sweet and a nice present.

Time rushes by way to quickly.
Does 2009 plan to go by even faster than 2008 did?

New Finds

Apr. 2nd, 2008 02:46 pm
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- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singularity_Institute_for_Artificial_Intelligence
Interesting! If I had time left (hahahaha!) I'd read more about that. I think it's quite important (I mean, thinking about AIs and what will happen to our world if we create powerful AIs.).

- Today I tried MezzoMix* Zero and it actually tasted good! No sweetener-aftertaste at all. Seemes like a good alternative to coke.
* MezzoMix is half Coca Cola and half Fanta, it's sold as a regular lemonade in Germany. I haven't seen it in the UK and suspect it only exists in Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

- A poll from [livejournal.com profile] stellamira who writes a paper about LJ.

- I enjoy the flash course, the teacher has very confusing explanations, but is also very helpful. I learn something, so it's okay. We have lot's of breaks ;)

- Studying all day + driving to work right afterwards = elfy tired. The next 6 weekends or so are half full or full with various plans. All in all much stuff I'm looking forward too, but still, it's also scary.

Break is over.
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So, I've chosen four seminars/projects for next semester. I have high hopes to take part in at least three, just the technical seminar could get too full for me to take part (different system of choosing who is allowed to take part, we don't have 'first come, first serve'), but even if, I'll probably go there and see if there is a place for me because others didn't show up.

Technical seminar:
Flash und ActionScript - For Beginners
TDIM | Dipl. Inf. Richard Jungkunz
Beginn 31.03.2008

Scientific seminar:
OD | Prof. Günter Horntrich
Beginn 16.04.2008

Longterm project:
The future of the hand
held in English on request
DT | Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff, Kai A. Gehrmann
Beginn 15.04.2008

Shortterm project:
Small Design Beauties – Smart Children's Furniture
held in English on request
DK/DM | Yasmine Mahmoudieh
Beginn 09.06.2008

Longer german description )

Nee, ne?

Jun. 27th, 2007 09:19 am
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Heute um 11:20 sollte Prüfung sein.

Ja, sollte. Ich bekam eben einen Anruf von der Schule, meine Professorin liege krank im Bett, die Prüfung müsse verschoben werden. Ganz toll. Und was ist mit der anderen Prüfung? Sind ja zwei. "Äh, ja, das weiß ich jetzt gar nicht, da bräuchten sie dann ja noch einen Beisitzer... rufen sie mal um 10:15 an, dann sag ich ihnen, ob sie heute kommen müssen oder nicht."

Und ich dachte, heute Nachmittag wäre endlich alles rum. *seufz*

edit: Die zweite Prüfung findet statt. Dann ist immerhin eine weg.
Die andere wird vermutlich auf den 12.7. verschoben.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
My pre-diploma test should have been at 11:20.

Yes, should have. I just got a call from my school, my professor is sick and in bed and we have to postpone the test. Well, great. And what about the other test? I have to take two. "Err, well, I have no idea actually, you would need a second professor for that... just call back at 10:15 and I'll tell you, if you have to come today or not."

And I thought this afternoon everything would be over. *sigh*

edit: The second test will take place. Well, at least one will be done then.
The other one will be at the 12th of July, probably.
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The prof I wrote to regarding my questions about London ("Would I be able to make my pre-diploma, even if I go to London? Do we need to have a valid Toefl or something similar?") wrote back, without answering any of my questions. In fact he just said the other prof will be back on the 17th and we'll probably get to know more then, he knows as much about this as we do. Oooh-kay... *waits some more*

He sent the mail to 5 people, including me... and 3-5 people will be able to go to London... I really have to know if making my pre-diploma anyway will be problematic, that's the one thing that really could keep me from going.


Jan. 3rd, 2006 04:38 pm
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Projectmeeting... well, from the 9 or 10 people we are in this project right now, 3 showed up (including me). The prof didn't show up as well. HELLO? This damn projects has to be planned and done and all this in TWO WEEKS! What do these people think??? That it will organise itself, if they simply ignore it? I am quite annoyed about the fact that people who show up only 50% of the time get the same points I will get when this is over. That is, if we manage to organise everything. Hmpf.
Additionally, another prof is ill - ill enough to be in hospital. He is the one who wanted to make a short term project (this and next week, I think) about stupid design. A project that is part of our project. We make a Lounge on 5 evenings - and his project would have its vernissage on tuesday. So, if he can't make this project because he's ill, then we won't have a program on tuesday. We also still don't have anything for wednesday (planned, yes, but not finished). And the band who wanted to come on monday didn't really agree to come until now. Gnnn. Not good.
But there will be food, at least. Well, at least on the days we are making it (mo-thu). *sigh*
I want these points. I need this points. So, I must not give up, even if this probably will be a desaster.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Prjekttreffen... nun, von den 9 oder 10 Leuten die an dem Projekt teilnehmen waren ganze 3 da (mir inklusive). Der Prof ist auch nicht aufgetaucht. HALLO? Das verdammte Projekt mit bis in ZWEI WOCHEN geplant, organisiert und fertig sein! Was denken diese Leute sich eigentlich??? Dass es sich selbst organisiert, wenn sie es ignorieren? Mich nervt die Tatsache ziemlich an, dass Leute, die nur 50% der Zeit auftauchen am Ende genauso viele Punkte bekommen wie ich. Das heißt, wenn wir es denn hinbekommen, alles noch zu organisieren. Hmpf.
Davon abgesehen ist ein anderer Professor krank - krank genug, um im Krankenhaus zu liegen. Er ist derjenige, der ein kurzzeitiges Projekt (diese und nächste Woche, glaube ich) zum Thema Stupid Design machen wollte. Wir machen eine Lounge an 5 Abenden - und dieses Projekt hätte am Dienstag eine Ausstellungseröffnung. Also, wenn er nun krank ist und das Projekt deshalb nicht machen kann, haben wir Dienstag kein Programm. Wir haben auch noch immer nichts für Mittwoch (geplant, ja, aber nichts umgesetzt). Und die Band, die am Montag spielen wollte, hat auch noch nicht fest zugesagt. Gnnn, nicht gut.
Aber es wird Essen geben. Zumindest an den Tagen, an denen wir es machen (mo-do) *seufz*
Ich will diese Punkte. Ich brauch diese Punkte. Deshalb werd ich nicht aufgeben, auch wenn es bestimmt ein Desaster wird.

Nice :)

Oct. 26th, 2005 05:32 pm
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I wasn't even on the list, but the prof took me into his course anyway :) So now I'm also taking a scientific seminar, the subject is 'Identity'. Today everything was in english and I guess it will be the rest of the time as well. It was really interesting and I'm happy he acceppted me. Usually scientific seminars are for higher semesters (after the intermediate exam), but you are allowed to take them early and they are counted for your final exam anyway.
After the course the prof and some foreign students were standing there, talking about german classes and not being integrated very much and I just randomly asked if anyone wants to join me for the medival dance training. One of the girls (I think shes from brazil) then said, 'Ohhh, she is the best student here for us internationals', well, at least something along those lines. Just because I talked to them several times and always offer fleamarket trips or cinema or whatever ^^;;; Well, I was quite flattered.
Anyway, I'm somewhat tired now. Not sure why, but I could just lie in my bed and sleep. But I want to go to the medival dance training anyway. Have to go there by train today, Barbara isn't going and [livejournal.com profile] oloriel neither. I'll probably just change clothes, clean the cats toilet and leave afterwards... Going to be for ten minutes is tempting... but I'm not sure I'd get up again ^^.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ich war nicht mal auf der Liste, aber der Prof hat mich trotzdem mit in seinen Kurs genommen :) So besuche ich ab jetzt auch ein wissenschaftliches Seminar, das Thema ist 'Identität'. Heute war alles in Englisch und ich denke mal so wird es auch weitergehen. Es war sehr interessant und ich freue mich wirklich sehr, dass er mich noch angenommen hat. Eigentlich sind wissenschaftliche Seminare etwas für höhere Semester (nach dem Vordiplom), aber man kann auch schon vorher an welchen teilnehmen und sie werden einem dann fürs Diplom angerechnet.
Nach dem Kurs stand der Prof mit einigen der ausländischen Studenten zusammen und sie sprachen über Deutschkurse und mangelnde Integrität. Ich meinte zwischendurch ein wenig unzusammenhängend, ob mich heute Abend jemand zum Mittelaltertanzen begleiten wolle. Eines der Mädchen (ich glaube sie ist aus Brasilien) meinte dann nur, 'Oh, sie ist hier die beste Studentin für uns Internationalen', naja, zumindest sowas in der Art. Einfach nur, weil ich öfter mit ihnen spreche und sie immer mal wiederzu irgendwas einlade, z.B. auf den Flohmarkt zu gehen oder ins Kino oder so ^^;;; Naja, ich fühlte mich auf jeden Fall schon sehr geehrt.
Naja, auf jeden Fall bin ich grade ziemlich müde. Nicht sicher warum, aber ich könnte mich grade ins Bett legen und schlafen. Aber ich will ja zum Mittelaltertanzen. Muss da heute mit der Bahn hinfahren, sowohl Barbara als auch [livejournal.com profile] oloriel haben heute keine Zeit. Ich werd einfach noch was anderes anziehen, Katzenklo saubermachen und dann losgehen... 10 Minuten im Bett zu liegen klingt furchtbar verlockend... aber ich fürchte, dann würde ich nicht mehr aufstehen ^^.
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* I'm wearing my corset at work. I noticed I'm getting back aches from wearing it - because it keeps my back straigther than I usually sit, walk or stand. Which tells me (again, because this is nothing new) my back is really fucked up. So... corset more often, in hope that my back will get used to it.

* Err, yes, I got a new corset :D Handmade from Barbara. Black satin ^_^

* Friday we watched the last episode of Dead Like Me. I'm gonna miss it. Wouldn't have mind to watch two or three more seasons... Sunday we started watching Six Feet Under instead.

* I was kicked out of the photography course. No, not because I did something wrong, but because the girl who wasn't there last time did show up - and she was on the list and I wasn't. So the workshop leader gave her the place. I mean, sure, it's unfair to not being able to take a course if you are sick, but well, why didn't she write a mail or called in sick? Then I wouldn't have hoped to get in and wouldn't be as disappointed now.

* Töffi (my boss) thinks about moving into another bureau. He doesn't want to share the place with Fly any longer. Right now it seems possible to move into some rooms in the south inner city. I REALLY hope this will work out (well, at least if I continue working for him the next years ;)), because it would mean a quite shorter way to work and a much shorter way between work and university.

* zorn finally wrote mails and even was online yesterday *yay* Like I suspected, the internet was broken. It was really nice to hear from her.

* The SPIEL 05 in Essen was nice. Didn't spend that much money, bought just one comic and some honey wine. Got compliments on my 'nice dress' (corset and skirt) ;)


Oct. 10th, 2005 11:38 am
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Seems I made it into the photography course (I'll know it next week for sure). Unfortunatly it seems quite much work (well, at least more than I expected). Like, the course itself every monday, additional days for photographing, a paper, a presentation and a documentation. Ooookay... Now I really don't know if I still want to try to get into the Animation course as well. I'd be really interested in it, but... another paper, more hours to attend? I'll see. A scientific seminar (like the animation course) only has to be taken from... the 4th semester on, but the ones you make before that count as well.

Broken Flowers was okay. Not exactly my kind of movie (there are quiet movies I like very much, but, well, I didn't like the end).

This evening there will be that english test. Wish me luck, I'd prefer not to attend more classes for it.

Zorn didn't call/write until now, I guess that means she got there well and everything is nice and relaxing.

My eyes hurt. And I really have to hand in my taxes today, just remembered yesterday that I have to do that until today. >.<

* * * * * * * * *
Scheint als wäre ich in den Fotografische Arbeitsfelder-Kurs tatsächlich reingekommen (100% kann ich erst nächste Woche sicher sein). Leider scheint er sehr viel Arbeit zu sein (jedenfalls mehr als ich erwartet hatte). Im Sinne von, der Kurs an sich, Montags Morgens, dazu einige Tage fürs Fotogragieren, ein Referat, eine Präsentation und eine Dokumentation. Ooookay... Jetzt weiß ich nicht, ob ich wirklich noch versuchen soll in den Animation Kurs zu kommen... Ich wäre wirklich sehr interessiert daran, aber... noch ein Referat, noch mehr Stunden? Ich werds sehn. Pflicht wäre ein wissenschaftliches Seminar (wie der Animation Kurs) erst ab dem... 4 Semester, vorher gemachte werden aber angerechnet.

Broken Flowers war okay. Nicht so ganz meine Sorte Film (es gibt ruhige Filme die ich mag, aber, nunja, ich mochte das Ende nicht).

Heute Abend findet dieser Englischtest statt. Wünscht mir Glück, ich würde es vorziehen, da nicht auch noch einen Kurs machen zu müssen.

Zorn hat sich noch nicht gemeldet, ich nehme mal an, dass heißt, dass sie gut ankam und sie da viel Spaß und Entspannung hat.

Meine Augen tun weh. Ich muss dringendst meine Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung heute noch abgegeben, fiel mir gestern erst wieder ein >.


Oct. 4th, 2005 11:37 pm
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So, finally home (Well, I started this entry shortly after 8pm).
This was a long day and it isn't over yet. First I was in the university for my first short term project, it's obligatory, but we don't get any points for it. We were divided into seven groups, mostly by surname (A-C group one, etc.). I got into the group 'finding material' of Prof. Hatto Grosse. I'll have my first middle-term project with him, also.
Well, he talked to us a while, then he basically left us alone, so we could plan and do our project. It's not easy to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone in a group of 12 people, but well, at least we decided on something. A bit before five we ended our meeting for today and I went to work. Got some work done, then, after half past seven I went home, but bought catfood at the supermarket.
Now I'm here and have to find out lots of adresses in cologne, have to do some internet research etc. Well, well.
Oh, and we'll meet an hour earlier tomorrow.

Monday was quiet, I didn't do much, didn't feel really good either.

Sunday started slowly, in the afternoon I went to visit Moni, that was really nice. We worked on the puzzle she bought last year at the game fair and watched Dead like me (I showed it to her, so she could enhance her english *g*). I even got a nice massage, yayness!

Saturday... was KitKatday, but I didn't went there. I was on the Kriegerherzen-Premiere (Warriorhearts), followed by the premiere party, Moni, Tanja, Monika, Werner, Vilja, Zorn... many people I knew were there and it was kinda nice. And I actually didn't really feel like going to the Kitty. Guess it would have been fun if I went there, but well, the evening was nice anyway. And Kriegerherzen was fun to watch. It is a no-budget (note: no, not low) movie, realised just by a lot of roleplayers and their friends. I think for a no-budget movie it was pretty good, even if many parts were unwanted funny.

I feel pretty dorky for even considering to maybe buy a frank mosaic poster.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So, endlich daheim (Naja, ich hab den Eintrag um kurz nach 8 begonnen).
Das war ein langer Tag und er ist noch nicht vorbei. Erst war ich in der FH, bei meinem ersten kurzfristigen Projekt. Es ist Pflicht, wir bekommen aber keine Punkte dafür. Wir wurden in sieben Gruppen eingeteilt, größtenteils nach Nachname (A-C Gruppe Eins, etc.) Ich kam in die Gruppe 'Material Finden' von Prof. Hatto Grosse. Ich werde auch mein erstes mittelfristiges Projekt bei ihm haben. Nun, erst erzählte er uns eine Weile, dann ließ er uns allein, damit wir planen und eben unser Projekt machen konnten. Es ist echt nicht einfach, in so kurzer Zeit ein Konzept zu entwickeln, das in einer Gruppe mit 12 Leuten jeden zufrieden stellt, aber zumindest konnten wir uns auf was einigen. Kurz vor 5 haben wir unser Meeting dann beendet und ich fuhr zur Arbeit. Hab bisschen was erledigt, dann um halb acht bin ich nach Hause gefahren, mit einem Umweg über den Penny, Katzenfutter kaufen.
Jetzt bin ich hier und muss möglichst viele Kölner Adressen rausfinden und im Internet recherchieren, etc. Nun, nun.
Oh, und morgen treffen wir uns eine Stunde früher.

Montag war ziemlich ruhig, hab nicht viel getan, war aber auch nicht so gut drauf.

Sonntag hat langsam begonnen, Nachmittags war ich bei Moni, das war sehr nett. Wir haben an dem Puzzle weitergemacht, welches sie vor einem Jahr auf der Spielemesse gekauft hat und haben Dead like me geschaut (hab es ihr gezeigt, damit sie ihr Englisch etwas üben kann *g*). Ich bekam sogar eine feine Massage, yayness!

Samstag... war KitKattag, aber ich bin nicht hingegangen. Ich war auf der Kriegerherzen-Premiere, danach noch auf der Premierenparty, Moni, Tanja, Monika, Werner, Vilja, Zorn... viele Leute die ich kannte waren da und es war recht nett. Und ich hatte irgendwie eh nicht so die Lust in die Kitty zu gehen. Wahrscheinlich wäre es wie immer toll da gewesen, wenn ich gegangen wäre, aber nun, so wars auch nett. Und Kriegerherzen war lustig anzuschauen. Es ist ein No-Budget (No, nicht Low *g*) Film, realisiert von vielen Rollenspielern und ihren Freunden. Ich denke, für einen No-Budget Film war er echt gut, auch wenn doch recht viele Stellen ungewollt komisch waren.

Ich fühle mich ziemlich dorky, überhaupt darüber nachzudenken, mir ein Frank Mosaik Poster zu kaufen.


Sep. 23rd, 2005 07:05 pm
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Long day again... first university, then work, now I'm home. Not too late, thankfully, but still I am very exhausted right now. Tired and headachy and my eyes hurt. Guess thats the price ;)
BUT! I got my first, hm, certificate (I have no clue if there is something similar of what I am talking about in the US) for a course I took :) Now I have to hope I'll get into the course I wanted to attend next week, then I'll have four certificates at the 10th of october (otherwise three).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Langer Tag mal wieder... erst FH, dann Arbeit, jetzt bin ich daheim. Nicht zu spät, zum Glück, aber trotzdem bin ich jetzt ganz schön groggy. Müde und kopf-wehig und meine Augen tun weh. Schätze, das ist der Preis ;)
ABER! Ich hab meinen ersten Schein für einen Kurs bekommen :) Jetzt muss ich nur hoffen, Montag in den Kurs zu kommen, den ich nächste Woche machen wollte, dann habe ich vier Scheine bis Mitte Oktober (sonst halt drei).


Sep. 5th, 2005 01:44 pm
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Es ist eine wirklich wilde Mischung aus '1 Woche Vollbeschäftigung' und 'Jeden Montag 2-3 Stunden', deshalb ist es sehr schwer, einfach einen normalen Wochenenstundenplan zu machen. Und 100% fest steht er auch noch nicht, da z.B. noch nicht klar ist, ob ich in die von mir gewählten Projekte wirklich reinkomme. Oder ob ich mich noch mal umentscheide.

[TS] = Technisches Seminar
[WE] = Werkstatteinführung
[KP] = Kurzfristiges Projekt
[MP] = Mittelfristiges Projekt
[KS] = Kurse
[VL] = Vorlesungen
und alles weitere Graue ist (soweit ich weiß) nicht verpflichtend, wenn auch sinnvoll.

Wen es interessiert... :) )

Zimmer 41a

Aug. 17th, 2005 12:00 pm
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So, jetzt bin ich auch ganz offiziell an der FH eingeschrieben und im Oktober kann es dann losgehen.

Angeblich gab es schon am 15.6 (7?) eine Einführungsveranstaltung. Hab ich von anderen Einschreiberlingen erfahren - die es auch erst danach erfahren haben und auch sonst scheint niemand *vorher* was davon gewusst zu haben. Ich habe jedenfalls weder eine Mail noch einen Brief bekommen, noch stand was auf der Website... Schon doof. Muss ich mal nachfragen.

Hab auch gleich wen kennengelernt, der auch mit Design anfängt und so nett ist, mir eine andere eMail weiterzuleiten, die er zum Thema KISD-Intranet bekommen hat, die ich auch nicht erhalten habe. Lustiger Typ jedenfalls und ich bin schon sehr gespannt, wen man da noch so alles kennen lernen kann :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So, now I'm officially student of the Fachhochschule (kind of University) and in october everything will start.

I was told (by other soon to be students) that there already was an information day on the 15th of June (July?) - they didn't know about it early enough and as it seems noone else did. I didn't get an email or a letter about it and saw nothing about this on the website... Not good. Have to ask about that.

Already got to know someone who will study design as well and who is so nice to forward me another mail I didn't get, about the KISD Intranet. Funny guy, I am already curious about who else I'll get to know. :)


Jul. 4th, 2005 02:30 pm
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I am back at home *waves*. I hope you all had some nice days, I definatly had them. It was hot and sunny, I got 200 stings and ate watermelon every day. And saw much of Tuscany again. Will show pictures soon. Right now I am not sure where my second rechargable battery for the camera is, hmm... anyway.

Worklife has me back and my full appointment calendar also. Wednesday cinema and LaLic, Thurstday RPG... so, yay :D Besides that I have to work... as much as possible. I have to earn money for some gimmiks I will probably need soon. Like an IBook.

I am taken at the KISD (Köln International School of Design).
I still can't believe it. I read the letter again and again.
I am happy and yet I am scared. It will be much work, it will cost much time. I will have to work beside studying, I guess at least 20 hours a week, maybe only 15. But I guess 20, because I will have to pay studying fees also, from 2006 on. I know I will have to cut back on rpg even more (to be more concentrated at work), that doesn't make me happy. I will have to get way more organised. Something I really want to be - but I try that since a longer time and I don't see much change, so I doubt I will manage it until I start studying - or at any point.

But... I am taken! *shakes head*
I was SO sure the interview didn't went well.

I am reading back on my flist, but only a bunch of journals (mostly people I also know IRL and communities I am a mod or co-mod of), I just can't read everything. But if you want to point out something I could have missed... tell me, please!
elfy: (glitter)
Yeah, actually I am kinda nervous right now.
I try not to be. If it's meant to be they will take me and if not, then not and it will be okay anyway. *nods*

Random additions:
<3 tags! :)
Want to go back to bed.
My left elbow and my right inner thight still hurt from my little accident 2 days ago.
Only 6 days to go and I am onto my way into holiday!


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