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The concert yesterday evening was really nice. I actually wasn't sure which band we are going to... which means, I new their name, I knew that I heard their music before, but I couldn't tell which of the songs played in the Shadow or in the LaLic were from them. On the way to the Matrix we put in a CD from them and I found out who they are *g*.
And like I said, the concert was really nice. I was to concerts of bands I really liked and didn't like the concert much out of various reasons, sometimes too many and too pushy people, the sound was bad or the band simply was bad on stage. But this time everything was fine. It was full, but not too full, we were in the third row and noone pushed from behind. The sound was good and the band performance great. The singer of the Crüxshadows, Rogue, may not be the best looking guy, but he is very... hm, charismatic? Well, energetic. And you feel he loves what he does and he loves his fans and can motivate the audience. He tends to come down from the stage quite often and walk around in the audience.
I also met Malte, my ex, I totally forgot that he is good friend with the band (they even sleep over at his place). We talked a bit and it was really nice, I enjoyed seeing him again. He left around one o'clock and I joined zorn who was dancing in the hall where the concert took place before.
It was really a fun evening.
Everybody who get's the chance to see the Crüxshadows, do so, if you like their music at least a bit. The concert is really worth it.

Here is a pic of zorn and the singer of the band, took it shortly before we went home.

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Das Konzert gestern Abend war sehr toll. Ich war ehrlich gesagt nicht sicher, zu welcher Band wir eigentlich gehen... also, das heißt, ich kannte den Namen und war sicher, ich hab schon Lieder von denen gehört, aber ich wusste nicht, welche der im Lic oder Shadow gespielten Lieder von ihnen waren. Auf dem Weg zur Matrix haben wir ne CD von ihnen eingelegt und da hab ich dann rausgefunden, wer die eignetlich sind *g*.
Und, wie ich sagte, das Konzert war großartig. Ich war schon auf ein paar Konzerten von Bands, die ich wirklich sehr mochte, die dann aber live wirklich enttäuschend waren, aus diversen Gründen. Mal war es zu eng und man wurde nur geschubst, mal war der Sound scheisse oder die Band war einfach nur schlecht auf der Bühne. Aber diesmal war alles toll. Es war voll, aber nicht zu voll, wir standen in der 3ten Reihe und wurden nicht geschubst. Der Sound war sehr gut und die Performance der Band war großartig. Der Sänger der Crüxshadows, Rogue, sieht wirklich nicht so super gut aus, aber er ist sehr... charismatisch? Naja, energiegeladen halt. Und man hat gemerkt, dass er liebt was er tut, dass er seine Fans liebt und dass er es drauf hat, die Menge mitzureissen. Er neigt auch dazu, ständig von der Bühe runterzukommen und in der Menge rumzulaufen.
Ich hab auch Malte getroffen, meinen Ex, ich hab völlig vergessen, dass er die Bandmitglieder ja gut kennt (sie übernachten sogar bei ihm). Wir haben gequatscht, es war wirklich nett, war schön ihn mal wieder zu sehen. Er ging so um eins rum und ich begab mich dann zu zorn, auch tanzen, in der Halle wo das Konzert gewesen war.
Es war ein wirklich schöner Abend.
Jeder, der die Gelegenheit bekommt, sich die Crüxshadows mal anzusehen und ihre Musik wenigstens ein bisschen mag, sollte es tun. Das Konzert ist es echt wert.

Hier ist ein Bild von zorn und dem Sänger, hab es gemacht kurz bevor wir nach Hause sind.
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Made myself some new icons, too. Well, two and the third one was made by [livejournal.com profile] takenaga and I was eyeing it since nearly a year now. But it was time for new icons. And I want to make some more... still need a sleepy / sleeping one, for example. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace old icons with new? As in, as long as I use the same keyword they are staying connected to the entry they were used in before?

Yesterday Moni celebrated her birthday and I went there instead of going to the Kitkat (there's another party next month, a 25th birthday isn't a second time). It was a nice party at her parents house who stayed in her flat for this night. Zorn picked Marcel and me up, because it was somewhat outside Cologne. Barbara showed up as well, that was very nice, so we had some time to talk and cuddle. Tanja made uber-cute muffins under which money for Moni was hidden. She wants to make a big travel next year and asked for money as a present, because she is saving up. Because 10 people from the medival dance training where there also, we even danced a bit and teached the Indian Queen to those interested.
Marcel went home with Zorn after Werners little firedancer show. I talked very much with a girl also called Barbara this evening, she studies biology in Mainz. I liked her quite much, but somehow we didn't exchange numbers or email or so.

I think I am finally giving up on the studying idea. It's probably not meant to be. I am probably not made for studying. I love going to school, as strange as that sounds. Probably because I don't like to take responsibility (yes, I know that, yes, it's not the best thing, but some like it, some don't). I also think design is probably too... competitive. I don't feel like I have enough self esteem to present something I made in front of 300 other students and a prof and this not once, but several times. On the other hand I would still like to try to get into some art school (art, not design). But that would be something I'd do for me and not for job-purposes. Strange, maybe. But then, I feel like (or, I hope), there is a hint of potential in me, for that. But I am not uber-happy with my job as a mediadesigner, thats nothing new.
Oh well. Anyway I will get something done for the kisd and maybe for other schools as well. But I don't want to force it anymore. I just don't want to stress myself with that anymore. Call it right, call it wrong, call it fleeing, call it giving up, I don't know. It's true I still don't know what I really want. But a way that makes me feeling bad mostly can't be the right one, in my eyes.
Who knows, maybe I will start studying psychology or biology or something like that, which are subjects that interest me to no end, maybe I will find a rich man, bear 5 children and never work again, maybe my life will go on like now and I'll never find peace. I just know, I need some order, I need some securtiy and I need love. I just have to make some desicions, some of them are waiting way too long now.

I have a fortune-cookie message hanging on my pinboard. It says 'Success will come your way in june'. I kept it to see if for once it is right *giggle*.

I admire [livejournal.com profile] dunkelhaven for his interest in politics and literature, I am always facinated by what he reads. I shoudl read more, too. But I should many things. I am always happy when I manage to do some of these shoulds, unfortunatly from the outside it doesn't look like much effort often. Or it wouldn't be much effort for others. I don't know. I sometimes get the feeling that things I accomplish aren't as hard / don't need as much overcoming for others, as they do for me. I think too much, I don't decide enough, I want too many things at the same time... I know it. And I can just hope I am on the right way to overcome some of these things. I try to, really :)

I can't wait for the WGT and I can't wait for the holidays with Barbara in north italy.

I have the feeling as if I am writing constantly about the same things, regrding my 'inner life'... hmmm.
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Hat hier schonmal jemand einen Businessplan geschrieben? Irgendwelche Tipps dazu?
Auf der Arbeit wurde ich ausgelacht, als ich meinte, ich will jetzt am Wochenende einen schreiben, aber naja, wenigstens anfangen will ich wirklich. Muss ja. Überhaupt ist noch so viel zu tun für diese Sache o.O Mal gucken wie viel ich da nächste Woche hinbekomme... Muss zur Bank, nen Steuerberater suchen, zur Krankenkasse, zur IHK, zum Ordnungsamt... Und wenn ich alles beisammen hab wieder zum Arbeitsamt.

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Has anyone ever written a businessplan? Any tips about that?
At work they laughed at me as I told them I'll write it on the weekend, but well, I'll at least start with it. Have to. There is so much to do for this thing o.O Let's see how much I manage to get done next week... Have to go to the bank, have to look for a tax accountant, have to visit the health insurance company, the chamber of commerce and industries, the public affairs office... and when I have everything together I have to go back to the empoyment center.

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