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Birthdate:Sep 5
Heya :)
Let me tell you a few random facts about myself ...

- English is not my first language, german is.

- I study and I'm selfemployed at the same time.

- I love going to the cinema!

- Naomi ist the name of my cat :)

- I have never read Harry Potter or seen Lost, Greys Anatomy or Supernatural and many more of the BNF. I like "fandom", but I'm not exactly an active part of it. I just connect with it very well. The pairings I like are usually quite rare and I read fanfiction only in very few and small fandoms.

- I'm a very social person and love to go out, meet friends in clubs or parks and don't mind talking to strangers or walking in big masses of people.

- I'm not a very active poster, in fact I haven't decided yet how I want to use this account. But I read my reading list daily or rather, I am known to reload that page more often than it's healthy for me.

- I dislike the taste of alcohol, I get headaches from coffee and I wish smoking was forbidden in clubs.

- Most of my pullovers were knitted by my grandmother and I love to wear them.

- I have a very sweet tooth.

- My room is a mess, most of the time.

- I am addicted to playing roleplaying games via irc and email with my best friend.

- I don't mind spiders or other crawly things. I might take photos if they are especially shiny. If in the house and not wanted there for whatever reason, I'll put them outside with a glass.

- I could always sleep. Really, always.

- My favourite movies are V for Vendetta, Shortbus, Watchmen, Batman Begins & The Dark Knight, Secretary, Donnie Darko, Hellboy I & II, Ladyhawke, The color purple, Fight Club, ... and some more.

- Most of the time I'm sure 'It's my fault'. Also, I hate arguments and try to avoid them. This can be unhealthy, but they just make me feel very miserable and unloved.

- I'd rather read a non-fiction book than a novel.

- I love to know what the people behind the usernames look like. And yes, that's me in the userpic. No, I don't have elf ears. Not real ones, anyway. Unfortunatly.

- I'm not diagnosed for anything and I'm thus also not on medication for anything. That doesn't mean I'm perfectly normal or fine all the time.
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