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"... Might it not be better to see and declare that we are living through the most tyrannical - because the most persuasive - chaos that has ever existed? It's not easy to grasp the nature of the tyranny, for its power structure (ranging from the 200 largest multinational corporations to the Pentagon) is interlocking yet diffuse, dictorial yet anonymous, ubiquitous yet placeless. It tyrannizes from offshore, not only in terms of Fiscal Law but in terms of any political control beyond its own. Its aim is to delocalize the entire world. Its ideological strategy, beside which Bin Laden's is a fairy tale, is to undertermine the existent so that everything collapses into its special version of the virtual, from the realm of which - and this is the tyranny's credo - there will be a never-ending source of profit. It sounds stupid. Tyrannies are stupid. This one is destroying at every level the life of the planet on which it operates on. ..."
- John Berger

Discuss? Opinions?
Paranoid? True? Impotant? Unimportant?
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Hat hier schonmal jemand einen Businessplan geschrieben? Irgendwelche Tipps dazu?
Auf der Arbeit wurde ich ausgelacht, als ich meinte, ich will jetzt am Wochenende einen schreiben, aber naja, wenigstens anfangen will ich wirklich. Muss ja. Überhaupt ist noch so viel zu tun für diese Sache o.O Mal gucken wie viel ich da nächste Woche hinbekomme... Muss zur Bank, nen Steuerberater suchen, zur Krankenkasse, zur IHK, zum Ordnungsamt... Und wenn ich alles beisammen hab wieder zum Arbeitsamt.

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Has anyone ever written a businessplan? Any tips about that?
At work they laughed at me as I told them I'll write it on the weekend, but well, I'll at least start with it. Have to. There is so much to do for this thing o.O Let's see how much I manage to get done next week... Have to go to the bank, have to look for a tax accountant, have to visit the health insurance company, the chamber of commerce and industries, the public affairs office... and when I have everything together I have to go back to the empoyment center.

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