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Just in case you have these little pop-up thingies now next to all your links in your journal and maybe on your friendslist, see here how to remove them: http://spacecowb0y.livejournal.com/281574.html

And while we are at it, feel free to tell 6A how annoying they are here.
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...auf fremde LJs zu klicken und nur einen FO-Eintrag zu sehen (bei meinen Friends stört mich das natürlich nicht, da kann ich ja alles/vieles sehen ;)). Noch weniger mag ich, wenn man nur 'Kick'-Einträge sieht.

(Man braucht mir jetzt keine Argumente zu nennen, warum man sein LJ FO macht, mir sind die Gründe alle klar und ich kann sie auch nachvollziehen. Trotzdem finde ich es schade, das man kaum noch deutsche LJs findet, in die man mal eben so ein bisschen reinlesen kann.)

Icon Bases

Apr. 6th, 2006 01:38 pm
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44 icon bases.
Take and modify as you please.
Please comment if you take one/some/all.
Art by Edmund Dulac for Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales.
Credit welcome, but optional.

40 icon bases - Art by Edmund Dulac )

New thingy

Mar. 30th, 2006 11:37 am
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See, the LJ people added a new thingy, you can now include your location in each entry. Seems to be clickable, obviously you can see the google map location when you click it. Neat! (Click on 'Satelite', then you'll see the city)

Still there are things I am waiting for more... like the ability to comment on pictures in scrapbook directly. Or an easy to handle calendar/to-do-list.

Today I'm having the healtiest breakfast ever... a sweet coconut/pinapple/banana juice (tastes a bit like a virgin colada) and... not really anything else, but let me tell you, choclate is lying next to me.

Next week I'll get a foot massage from a girl who learned it, for free :D

I still all the time have the wish to stitch. Will hopefully have a bit time for that this evening, after the meeting with a woman I got to know last satureday who wanted to meet me 'just so'.

* * * * * * * *
Schaut mal, die LJ Leute haben ein neues Dings gemacht, man kann jetzt für jeden Eintrag den Ort festlegen, wo man grade ist. Sieht aus, als könne man das auch anklicken und auf der Google Map den Ort nachschauen. Nett! (Beim Satelitenbild sieht man mehr, was Deutschland angeht)

Trotzdem gibt es einige Features auf die ich mehr warte/hoffe... z.B. die Möglichkeit auf Bilder im Scrapbook direkt Comments hinterlassen zu können. Oder ein ordentlicher, leicht zu bedienender Kalender/ToDo-Liste.

Heute hab ich das gesündeste Frühstück überhaupt... ein süßer Kokosnuss/Ananas/Bananen-Saft (schmeckt ein bisschen wie ein Virgin Colada) und... sonst nichts wirklich, abgesehen von der Schokolade die hier noch unangebrochen neben mir liegt. (Wenn übrigens in nächster Zeit jemand Milka Schokolade kauft und da dieser Zartheitspunkt drauf ist, ihr das Glas, das man für 20 Stück bekommt aber nicht haben wollt... ich würde mich sehr freuen, den Punkt zu bekommen ^^.)

Nächste Woche bekomme ich eine kostenlose Fußmassage von einem Mädel, die das gelernt hat :D

Ich hab immer noch dauernd den Wunsch zu sticken. Heute abend hab ich hoffentlich ein wenig Zeit dazu, nach dem Treffen mit der Frau die ich da letzten Samstag kennen gelernt abe ich die mich 'einfach mal so' treffen wollte.

LJ Buttons

Jul. 21st, 2005 04:59 pm
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Who wants a Livejournal Button?
It shows just the LJ Logo, Pencil, without text.
And, which background-color?
(white, black, magenta, yellow, cyan, green, red)

2,5 cm diameter. I give them out for free, I just need money for the porto and maybe 20 Cent for the material per button. Paypal is okay and for germany bank transfer, too. Or what else you can think about. Direct handing out when we meet is the best way, if possible. Donations welcome ;) Nice buttons (no band-buttons etc) or similar small gifts as exchance welcome, too.

I will give them out just a short time and/or a certain amount of people, basically, because I don't have that much time on my hands. I don't want to earn money with these buttons, just want make people able to show their LJ love with them. :)

* * * * * * * * * * *
Wer will einen Livejournal Button?
Ist das LJ Logo drauf, also der Stift, kein Text.
Und welche Hintergrundfarbe?
(weiss, schwarz, magenta, gelb, cyan, grün, rot)

2,5 cm Durchmesser. Sind kostenlos, brauch nur Geld für das Porto und vielleicht 20 Cent pro Button an Material. Paypal okay, Überweisung ebenso. Oder was auch immer ihr sonst für Ideen habt. Direkte Übergabe wenn wir uns treffen ist natürlich am besten. Spenden willkommen ;) Buttons (nicht von Bands oder so) oder andere ähnliche Kleinigkeiten als Austausch auch willkommen.

Ich werde das nur eine kurze Zeit und/oder nur eine begrenzte Zahl von Leuten machen, weil ich eigentlich nicht so viel Zeit dafür habe. Ich will mit diesen Buttons kein Geld verdienen, sondern nur auch anderen die Möglichkeit geben, mit ihnen ihre Liebe zum LJ zu zeigen. :)


Jun. 7th, 2005 04:02 pm
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I am surprised that they really make a 24 hour account sale and not a 100 perm accounts sale.
Curious about the stats afterwards. If I had the money I'd give out some perm accounts as gifts.

I hate working with Microsoft products, Word is SUCH a pain in the ass to work with. Gnnnn.

I don't want a black republic next. If, then black/red please.

I'd like to be a bionetic engegnieer. Or a sex shop owner. Or a housewife.
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Made myself some new icons, too. Well, two and the third one was made by [livejournal.com profile] takenaga and I was eyeing it since nearly a year now. But it was time for new icons. And I want to make some more... still need a sleepy / sleeping one, for example. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace old icons with new? As in, as long as I use the same keyword they are staying connected to the entry they were used in before?

Yesterday Moni celebrated her birthday and I went there instead of going to the Kitkat (there's another party next month, a 25th birthday isn't a second time). It was a nice party at her parents house who stayed in her flat for this night. Zorn picked Marcel and me up, because it was somewhat outside Cologne. Barbara showed up as well, that was very nice, so we had some time to talk and cuddle. Tanja made uber-cute muffins under which money for Moni was hidden. She wants to make a big travel next year and asked for money as a present, because she is saving up. Because 10 people from the medival dance training where there also, we even danced a bit and teached the Indian Queen to those interested.
Marcel went home with Zorn after Werners little firedancer show. I talked very much with a girl also called Barbara this evening, she studies biology in Mainz. I liked her quite much, but somehow we didn't exchange numbers or email or so.

I think I am finally giving up on the studying idea. It's probably not meant to be. I am probably not made for studying. I love going to school, as strange as that sounds. Probably because I don't like to take responsibility (yes, I know that, yes, it's not the best thing, but some like it, some don't). I also think design is probably too... competitive. I don't feel like I have enough self esteem to present something I made in front of 300 other students and a prof and this not once, but several times. On the other hand I would still like to try to get into some art school (art, not design). But that would be something I'd do for me and not for job-purposes. Strange, maybe. But then, I feel like (or, I hope), there is a hint of potential in me, for that. But I am not uber-happy with my job as a mediadesigner, thats nothing new.
Oh well. Anyway I will get something done for the kisd and maybe for other schools as well. But I don't want to force it anymore. I just don't want to stress myself with that anymore. Call it right, call it wrong, call it fleeing, call it giving up, I don't know. It's true I still don't know what I really want. But a way that makes me feeling bad mostly can't be the right one, in my eyes.
Who knows, maybe I will start studying psychology or biology or something like that, which are subjects that interest me to no end, maybe I will find a rich man, bear 5 children and never work again, maybe my life will go on like now and I'll never find peace. I just know, I need some order, I need some securtiy and I need love. I just have to make some desicions, some of them are waiting way too long now.

I have a fortune-cookie message hanging on my pinboard. It says 'Success will come your way in june'. I kept it to see if for once it is right *giggle*.

I admire [livejournal.com profile] dunkelhaven for his interest in politics and literature, I am always facinated by what he reads. I shoudl read more, too. But I should many things. I am always happy when I manage to do some of these shoulds, unfortunatly from the outside it doesn't look like much effort often. Or it wouldn't be much effort for others. I don't know. I sometimes get the feeling that things I accomplish aren't as hard / don't need as much overcoming for others, as they do for me. I think too much, I don't decide enough, I want too many things at the same time... I know it. And I can just hope I am on the right way to overcome some of these things. I try to, really :)

I can't wait for the WGT and I can't wait for the holidays with Barbara in north italy.

I have the feeling as if I am writing constantly about the same things, regrding my 'inner life'... hmmm.


May. 8th, 2005 10:25 pm
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Made some icons.
Please comment if you want to use one/some of these.
Credit not necessary. Altering okay.

Kids )


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