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I can't believe I'm going back to England in a week already. It feels as if I wasn't able to do half the stuff I wanted to do here. I worked quite a bit, but still I think I could have done more. I met many of my friends, but some I missed. On saturday is a KitKat party again and I'm really looking forward to it, as I will meet some more people then which I hadn't seen in a while. And on sunday the year is over already *shakes head*. I can't remember when I was bored the last time and I can't remember when I thought time seems not to pass the last time.
Sometimes I think about quitting studying. I enjoy the stay in England very much, lots and lots of nice people there, new stuff to see and it's just different to the usual days and weeks of normal life. But the money I put aside melts and melts away. I can keep up, partly, but then I remember: When I will be back I will have to work on my prediploma. That means two months of intense studying, in which I most likely will not work or at least not much. That means, nearly no money also. Followed by that the fourth semester will start, which means I somehow have to get 500 Euro from somewhere. Additional to all my other expenses.
Beside that I am pretty content in general right now. Just tired often and in need of some holidays. But the next holidays are not in sight. Maybe next week I won't have to do too much. Also, I'm happy in England school only starts at half past ten every day and not earlier. I'm looking forward to the flight on friday, I think we are flying around sunset time.

Right now I'm reading 'A short history of nearly everything' (mostly on the train) and even if it's in english I understand pretty much *yay*, even if it is a scientific book. But it's very nicely written. But also one of the things that make me wonder if I shouldn't have tried to study something scientific. Oh well, to late now.
Need to leave for work now, hopefully I'll finally finish this brochure today and I *hope* I will finally find that damn mistake, which prevents me from making a proper pdf *annoyed*.
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I was somewhat sick the last days. Thursday it got so bad I went home earlier from work, took some medicine and slept much. Friday I went to work again and did quite much, on that side a good start into the new month. I didn't hold my presentation on wednesday... the profasked me to be the last one and after the second presentation (of five including mine) it was clear that it was to much much to listen to all on this day. So he asked me to do it next week. Oh well. It's finished, I have some time left to clean out the last mistakes, so it's okay.

Tomorrow I'm going to a concert lovely zorn invited me to :) Covenant supportet by Rotersand and Client. I'm looking forward to it, but actually I think I like Rotersand even more than Covenant :) Guess it will be nice.

I am a little... hm, not really scared, but something like that, about this whole 'Mohammed comic strips discussion' going on. Concerned is the right word, maybe. I know it's just a few radicals who start burning flags and scream and threaten, but still I sometimes wonder if we maybe really have to fear a big holy war / third war at some point. On spiegel.de is a discussion in a forum about that. The initating question was, if an apogly for these comics is necessary/correct or not. And right now there are over 4800 replies on that topid. O.o Just, oi, wow.


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