Nov. 21st, 2005 05:43 pm
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I'm going to see Nausicaä in around 3 hours *_* I can't wait. I am very curious about the voices, if they redid them (actually, I hope not, I'm way to used to the old ones... but then, in the german version Nausicaä wasn't even called Nausicaä, but Sandra. And Yupa was called Rockar and the Ohmus were called Gorgons). Dear mopese will join me, I'm happy about that. I hope he'll like the movie, too.
Wow, it's so strange, I really can't tell if I'm excited or very excited. I mean, you do not often get the chance to see a really old all time favourite in the cinema...

Oh, my weekend was nice. Friday my mom and I went to see Harry Potter. Well, I liked the effects and all, but well, it's 100% is a movie for people who read the books as well (not that I expected much else). Satureday we went to the Miramar (sauna and swimming, etc), which was really nice. At one point I sat in a whirlpool and two guys were jacking each other off. Err... Well, I went out quickly, as I was more sure than not, that they are fumbling each other.

Sunday my mother and I started the puzzle I gave her a year ago. Had some more really small absences, two I think, but really small, more a dizzy feeling.

Gotta go now... *hops away*
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Halloween war gemischt, aber im Endeffekt sehr spaßig. Es gab Raclette bei Moni, danach sind wir erst ins Privileg gegangen, danach ins LaLic, wo die Musik überraschend gut war (außer Kämpfer war noch ein anderer DJ da, der Electro auflegte wenn er dran war = sehr gut). Werner hat auch Fotos gemacht, ich selbst nicht. Auf dem Weg zu Moni wär ich fast überfahren worden, obwohl die Ampel über die ich ging sogar Grün war für mich.

Heute lang geschlafen (war auch erst um 5 im Bett) und Abends völlig verpeilt, dass seefuchs, elia und ich heute auf die Art Cologne wollten. Die zwei sind dann allein gegangen, was auch okay war, ich hab in der Zeit noch weiter aufgeräumt.

Heute Mittag gegen 4 hatte ich mich noch mal ne halbe Stunde hingelegt und währenddessen wieder eine Absence gehabt (bin aufgewacht), kam aber keine zweite nach. Die letzte ist ein paar Woche her, war beim Essen in der Küche mit fuchs und elia dabei, recht kurz, hab ich glaube ich gar nicht erwähnt.

Morgen erst Arbeit und dann FH, wird wieder ein langer Tag.

* * * * * * * * *
Halloween was mixed, but in the end quite fun. First we had Raclette at Moni's flat, than we went to the Privilege and afterwards to the LaLic, where the music was surprisingly good (besides Kämpfer there was another DJ who played electro when it was his turn = very good). Werner took some photos, I didn't. On the way to Moni I was nearly run over by a car, even if the traffic light was on 'walk' for me.

Today I slept in (was in bed at 5 this morning) and I totally forgot seefuchs, elia and me wanted to go to the Art Cologne in the evening. The other two went there alone then, that was okay, I went on tidying my room.

This afternoon around 4 I took a nap and while doing so I had an absence again (woke up), no second one followed. The last one was some weeks ago while having lunch with fuchs and elia in the kitchen, I think I forgot to mention in.

Tomorrow first work, then university, will be a long day again.
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Two Three Absences in the last hour, still feeling weird, not sure if it's over yet. *head spins*

And I got an instrumental stuck in my head and I don't know the titel nor the artist... gna, what song is that?

* * * * * * * *
Zwei Drei Absencen in der letzten Stunde, fühl mich immer noch komisch, als wäre es noch nicht vorbei. *wank*

Und ich hab nen Ohrwurm von einem Instrumentallied, wo ich weder Titel noch Band weiss... gnarf, was ist das nur für eins?


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