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Managed to call the tax office today to ask if it's okay if I hand in my taxes from last year a wee bit later and they were fine with it. I really expected a little fight for that, so it was a nice surprise.

Yesterday at work I finished the 216 pages book I was sitting at the last weeks, go me! Now I only have to do the english version, but it will be a piece of cake, in comparison. Also, the magazine we are doing can now be done in Indesign instead of Quark, so a lot quicker ... I'm simply not used to Quark and find it a pain in the ass.

Calendar-Catalogue is finished, yay! Christmas-Catalogue still waits to be done, but I'm at it. And I'm not yet in panic. I have to hand it in on monday, but except the prices everything is in there. So if I manage to do the prices now/today, I'll call it a day and do the rest (sorting/designing) tomorrow and sunday, that should be fine then. All that will also mean that I can hand in two big fat bills next week - my bank account will be happy about that. I'm using my dispo quite much these days and hate it.

Yesterday evening we were at "Sommer Köln" (summer cologne) at the choclate museum and watched a play of Don Quijote (with a female Sandros (?)). It was really nice, as it didn't happen on a stage, but all over the place. The actors were walking on stilts and they were from the netherlands, which made everything sooo cute ... as they were talking german, but with this fun accent and mistakes here and there.

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Date: 2011-08-05 08:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vanita.livejournal.com
Alex macht seine Steuererklärung immer erst nach der Frist; bevor sie da was festlegen, kriegt man eine Vorwarnung. ;-)

Niederländisch find ich sooo niedlich. Deswegen hab ich's in der Uni auch mal zwei Semester belegt. *g*

Don Quijote...

Date: 2011-08-09 05:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sic.livejournal.com
Es gibt da eine durchaus sehenswerte (wenn auch nicht überragend gute, aber CMH ist in dem Film wirklich gut) deutsche Fernsehfilmversion davon, modernisert, mit Christop-Maria Herbst als der Mann aus La Mancha. Ergänzend dazu übrigens sehr empfehlenswert 'Lost in La Mancha', über das scheitern von Terry Gilliam (Monthy Phyton Mitglied, hat unter anderem das ungewöhnliche 'Tideland' gemacht) an der Verfilmung des Stoffes.


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