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Went there 'just so' and they turned out to be really enjoyable. Nice voices, good concert!

Goooood concert! Good we were there early, got a nice spot, close to the stage. This one is one of my all time favourite songs, they didn't play it, but the concert was great anyway.

Now into the other direction ... industrial/noise. Yes, it's supposed to sound like that. This was the concert where my boyfriend said afterwards: THIS was the concert that totally made my WGT. Well, I have to agree, it was pretty good.

Don't be fooled by the beginning, it's pretty hard stuff (like greyhound). Nice concert, thou.

Saw them after 100blumen, while waiting for Marita Schreck, didn't care for them that much. This song here is pretty ok, imho.

Marlen convinced me to stay and watch Marita Schreck and it was better than expected. Pretty good, actually.

For a change no noise/industrial, but ... folk. Pretty nice folk, I might say! The lady knew how to play that fiddle ... :D

Ah, what can I say? Oldie but goldie. Makes you dance all the time.

I could also add Lacrimas Profundere and Girls under glass, but I cared for neither and was more occupied with standing in line at the toilet and getting something to eat at these concerts, so they don't really count. Both are ... well, Gothrock or so. Same goes for The Eternal Afflict and Love like blood, which both were not my cup of tea or just sounded horrible, live.

What I wanted to see, but missed:
Xabec, Estampie, Megaherz, Feindflug


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