Aug. 26th, 2011


Aug. 26th, 2011 07:06 pm
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Welcome to my new LJ-friends! :D
If anybody missed it, here is the friending meme where I got them from, it slowed down a bit, but I guess whoever wants can still take part.

Nowwww ...

I have two weeks off!
I can't believe it and I won't be surprised to be called by work and I will still do stuff for my normal clients, but ... wheee!!! Sleeping in! Doing stuff at home!

The last two weeks were hard again ... Instead of the 25/hours a week it was again more like 40/hours a week or maybe more (in addition to working from home and renovating and stuff). There was just so much going on ... and honestly, I wouldn't be bored at work if I would go there on monday. But I'll not try to think about it. But it is kind of annoying I'm the only designer there, noone can take over for me. And there is a project that comes back every month and keeps me busy a week or two, which means I can only take holidays in between. Oh well. Anyway. Enough of that now!

* * * * *
Plans for the next days:
- Tomorrow we might buy the floortiles for the bathroom, in the evening there are two birthdays to attend, one is in our flat anyway, as it's my flatmates birthday.
- Sunday looks nicely empty until now, only the usual sunday-movie-night is planned. Maybe I'll ask for the massage I'm still supposed to get ... :D
- Next week I want to surprise-visit my mother for her birthday (hm, no idea about a present yet), I have a dentists appointment (brrr), we'll go and see Cowboys & Aliens (tuesday, anybody want to tag along?), I finally want to go to the lost and found office to give my lost/stolen glasses a last chance, I need to deep clean my room, but more importantly I need to do my taxes for last year.

There is even more I have to do and want to do, so these two weeks will not be lazy two weeks ... I'm just happy after that there will be two weeks of work and then another week off again. Maybe even for moving yet? Excitement!


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