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So, we are re... doing? replacing? the electronics now in the flat. In the whole flat, except the kitchen (well, not true, there also, but without cutting open the walls).

It's diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty. And it's a lot of work. But somehow even fun. All slits (?) are done in Thomas room, I already started to make them in mine, but couldn't finish - the machine to make the slits is too heavy for me to work in head-hight and the slits near the ceiling are un-doable for me, I just can't lift it high enough and make a straight line. But vertical slits and the one near the floor are doable.
But really. It's dirty. And so, so loud! The noise is annoying, but doesn't bother me that much ... what bothers me is the thought of upsetting my neighbours :-/ Oh well, I hope we will have it done soon. There will be more slitting (haha) on friday and I guess we will finish both my rooms then at least. Maybe even the small hallway and the bathroom/toilet. Which would leave only the living room and the front hallway (hallway sound big, lol).

Work is going ok, now that Cheryl is gone and the two big projects (which were not supposed to be in their hot phase at the same time) are done and that makes me a lot more relaxed.

If you could choose, which would you like to see first?
- The 'A day in my life' post for which I made photos 3 weeks ago
- Big photopost for the flat and what we did there the last 2/3 months
- Big photopost with various/random/best of photos of anything that happened in the last months (with flat pictures, but only a few)
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