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2011-11-18 12:39 am



  • Post a link to a zip file in the comments of this post (comments are screened).

  • The zip should contain pictures/art that you find awesome, which you enjoy, which made you think, which made you laugh or stare, which inspired you or let you dream. Adult material is okay. Your own pictures/art are okay, too.

  • Minimum number of pictures in the zip: 50 pictures. Maximum: 500mb for the whole zip.

  • Sorting of the pictures is optional, as is naming the pictures appropriately.

  • Naming the artist/source is awesome, but not a must (an additional txt file with information is allowed). -> www.tineye.com

  • Latest hand in: 20th of december - On the 28th of december I will post a list of links to the zips for those who participated.

  • If you want others to know which zip is yours, include your username in the filename or an included txt file. If you don't do this, your zip will be anonymous.

  • I will check each zip before re-uploading it for the exchange.

PS: If there should be too many participants (~>20), I reserve the right to end the hand in for the exchange early. If it goes well, there will be more in the future. And yes, I will hand in my own zip, too, sure! :)
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2011-10-17 11:59 pm

Head and Games

So, my mood got a bit better (distractions are all that counts), but my head got worse - it seems I catched a Sinusitis (Nebenhölenentzündung) or something, at least that seems the most likely explaination for the strange symptoms I have. I am feeling okay (well, tired as always), but when I bend over, get up quickly, ride my bike over the slightest bump, etc ... my head feels as if more blood tries to enter it than the veins are capable of taking and that hurts. I'm fine as long as I don't more more than neccessary, so ... it's okay for now. I just must not move too much.

* * * * *
So, ist am Samstag jemand auf der Spielemesse? Ich bin da, gebe Geld aus das ich nicht habe und leiste Zorn Gesellschaft, die diesmal Teil der Zeichnermeile ist :)
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2011-10-15 03:48 pm


And I was in the zoo with my mother, when she was here, took some photos there also. For some reason, many birds ... o.O Unfortunatly we only had a little less than 3 hours in there and wanted to see two exhibitions in the zoo as well. So I didn't really have much time actually taking pictures or waiting for the animals to take a striking pose or whatever. And we didn't have time to go to the Aquarium at all, which is a shame. I really need to go there again at some point, I really want to see it again. Oh well. Enjoy! :)

15 photos )
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2011-10-07 11:09 am

Accomplished ...

... so it's 11 am and since midnight I already:

- worked 4 hours
- attended a wedding
- went to the flat and got things sorted out with the plasterer and the sanitary guy

Yes, I feel accomplished, but you can also guess I hardly slept *yawn*.
Gotta do some more work and then I'll go back to bed, I guess.
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2011-10-06 02:03 pm
Entry tags:

Too many tabs open, again, have some links.

Ten historic female scientists you should know (and no, Marie Curie is not mentioned, simply bc this is about female scientists *not* everybody knows about :)).

Homestar Spa bath Planetarium from Sega Toys - WANT!

IP over Avian Carriers
So your pigeon can now carry your data, too.

Trennung von Staat und Kirche? Um Gottes Willen! (SPON)
"Glauben ist Privatsache, Staat und Kirche sollten konsequent getrennt werden: Für dieses politische Ziel macht sich der Jungsozialist Oliver Lösch in der SPD stark - und stößt auf erbitterten Widerstand. Unterstützung für seine Sache kommt überraschend vom politischen Gegner."

Video: 30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney
Awww, cute! :D A guy gave away 30 presents on his birthday to celebrate.

How Not to Talk to Your Kids
"When parents praise their children’s intelligence, they believe they are providing the solution to this problem. According to a survey conducted by Columbia University, 85 percent of American parents think it’s important to tell their kids that they’re smart. (...) The constant praise is meant to be an angel on the shoulder, ensuring that children do not sell their talents short. But a growing body of research—and a new study from the trenches of the New York public-school system—strongly suggests it might be the other way around. Giving kids the label of “smart” does not prevent them from underperforming. It might actually be causing it."

The Gender Book

18 Five-Minute Decluttering Tips to Start Conquering Your Mess

Amorous Squid Seeks Partner: Any Sex Will Do

Force Me, Please: On Noncon and Noncon Play in Fanfic
Very good read. I can relate very much, so if you want to "get to know me", read it ;)

Webcomic I found thanks to [livejournal.com profile] vout. Very nice, really recommend it :)

Woman fighters in reasonable amour - simply a great tumblr!

Aufgezeichnet.tv - zweite Folge ist da!

There is going to be a Dragon Age Movie? With Felicia Day? Oooh ... never played the game, but must watch anyway, I guess :D

Not so much my kind of music*, but it's a really nice trailer mashup (without any story and like ... 200 movies used or so?). Beware, 15 minutes long! But, well, cool. Even if it is very quick and visually exhausting, too :D Many flashy images, don't watch if prone to seizures ^^. I see it as a nice way to show a collection of amazing movie moments ... as in, what is possible and done in movies today. And there is Nuada in it, lol.

*screw that, after watching that thing for the third or forth time now, I actually enjoy the music quite a lot.
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2011-09-21 07:18 pm

Obsessive about Ane Brun

Also, since 4 days, I'm not lying, I'm listening to the same three songs over and over and over again. For some reason not known to me they really get me. I really just stumbled over them while browsing. I really think some of you would enjoy them, too.
If I had to describe the music I'd say ... soft, a bit country, a bit like Goldfrapp or Björk, light.

Click here.
Left bottom of the screen is a little slip that can be extended to a music player.
Press play.
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2011-09-17 06:46 pm


Time flies by so fast, sometimes I wish I could press a "pause" button.

Yesterday evening I wanted to go to the Essigfabrik, first time in months ... but neither Thomas nor Zorn could join me, Marlen and I phoned and she said she was too lazy, too and my last reason to go (friends where his birthday is today) said they wouldn't go either. Sooo ... I was in bed before 12 >.< Oh well, it was nice, I was just so tired, but yeah. No dancing again, for me, saaaad.

Anyway, I used being up early to hop on the train to Bonn to visit the monthly fleamarket there (Rheinaue). And well, like the last time ... damn that thing is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge! I met Moni and together we wandered around until 3 pm, that was 5 hours (!) for me of going around and We still only saw like 2/3 maybe. I didn't find that much, a comic/art-book about Moebius, some stickers (which I got for free) for someone else and a learning game for a friends son who will get into school now (LÜK - kennt das noch wer? :D Nostalgie pur, echt :DDD).

In a few friends will come over and we'll go and eat somewhere, after that we'll hang out at the Kyffhäuser (Tankstelle - if anybody wants to join).

I collected some links again I need to share.
I found good music, I want to show you.
I got a sh*tload of pictures I want to post and even more photos I took.
Maybe tomorrow.
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2011-09-05 11:19 am

50 mm, 1:1,8 :D

First of all: Happy Birthday dear [livejournal.com profile] fleurrochard and [livejournal.com profile] cowboy_r! I hope you both have a great day!

Mine started great last night, when I got my first present: A new lens for my camera :D 50mm, 1:1,8 ... already took the first photos with it and what can I say? Fantastic! I have to get used to the fixed width, no zooming ... but maaaan, a blend of 1,8? Just fantastic! Please hit me if I don't show pictures soon!

And I already got a biiiiiiiiiiiig bunch of birthday wishes, thank you! :D
There will be no party this evening, as mondays are not the best days for that, so I'll celebrate on saturday, come over, if you wish!

In a bit I will go on a little shopping spree with my flatmate, probably we'll first go to IKEA and then hop through the inner city. At 6 pm I'll have dinner with Thomas and his parents in a fine french restaurant :)))

Aaaaaand tomorrow I'll go to the sauna with a former flatmate, got a voucher, can't wait! I LOVE going to the sauna!

I hope you all have an equally nice day!
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2011-09-04 02:05 pm

I now have to post random pictures! Just so!

Because ... hilarity! Awesomeness! Cool!

Spiders, cute kittens, naked/nearly naked people, gay stuff, Wolverine, Trekkies, skulls, tatoos, etc.

pics and gifs, random )
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2011-09-03 10:41 am

Hilfe / Help, please! :)

I'm taking part in an IKEA-raffle and would love to get your vote! You need to have a facebook account, other than that no registration is neccessary. It seems, a facebook account is NOT neccessary :D

Go to: http://inspiration.ikea.de/#/Katalog2012/

Pick entry screen no. 2 ("IKEA erfüllt dir deinen Traum vom Zuhause" -> red cloud image)

Bottom row: "Die Träume der anderen"

Top left search for "Sternenreich" -> two show up, mine is the one by "Ellen" (surprise).

Click "gefällt mir" (like).

Thank you! :D
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2011-08-26 07:06 pm


Welcome to my new LJ-friends! :D
If anybody missed it, here is the friending meme where I got them from, it slowed down a bit, but I guess whoever wants can still take part.

Nowwww ...

I have two weeks off!
I can't believe it and I won't be surprised to be called by work and I will still do stuff for my normal clients, but ... wheee!!! Sleeping in! Doing stuff at home!

The last two weeks were hard again ... Instead of the 25/hours a week it was again more like 40/hours a week or maybe more (in addition to working from home and renovating and stuff). There was just so much going on ... and honestly, I wouldn't be bored at work if I would go there on monday. But I'll not try to think about it. But it is kind of annoying I'm the only designer there, noone can take over for me. And there is a project that comes back every month and keeps me busy a week or two, which means I can only take holidays in between. Oh well. Anyway. Enough of that now!

* * * * *
Plans for the next days:
- Tomorrow we might buy the floortiles for the bathroom, in the evening there are two birthdays to attend, one is in our flat anyway, as it's my flatmates birthday.
- Sunday looks nicely empty until now, only the usual sunday-movie-night is planned. Maybe I'll ask for the massage I'm still supposed to get ... :D
- Next week I want to surprise-visit my mother for her birthday (hm, no idea about a present yet), I have a dentists appointment (brrr), we'll go and see Cowboys & Aliens (tuesday, anybody want to tag along?), I finally want to go to the lost and found office to give my lost/stolen glasses a last chance, I need to deep clean my room, but more importantly I need to do my taxes for last year.

There is even more I have to do and want to do, so these two weeks will not be lazy two weeks ... I'm just happy after that there will be two weeks of work and then another week off again. Maybe even for moving yet? Excitement!
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2011-08-05 06:35 pm

Taxes, work, Don Quijote

Managed to call the tax office today to ask if it's okay if I hand in my taxes from last year a wee bit later and they were fine with it. I really expected a little fight for that, so it was a nice surprise.

Yesterday at work I finished the 216 pages book I was sitting at the last weeks, go me! Now I only have to do the english version, but it will be a piece of cake, in comparison. Also, the magazine we are doing can now be done in Indesign instead of Quark, so a lot quicker ... I'm simply not used to Quark and find it a pain in the ass.

Calendar-Catalogue is finished, yay! Christmas-Catalogue still waits to be done, but I'm at it. And I'm not yet in panic. I have to hand it in on monday, but except the prices everything is in there. So if I manage to do the prices now/today, I'll call it a day and do the rest (sorting/designing) tomorrow and sunday, that should be fine then. All that will also mean that I can hand in two big fat bills next week - my bank account will be happy about that. I'm using my dispo quite much these days and hate it.

Yesterday evening we were at "Sommer Köln" (summer cologne) at the choclate museum and watched a play of Don Quijote (with a female Sandros (?)). It was really nice, as it didn't happen on a stage, but all over the place. The actors were walking on stilts and they were from the netherlands, which made everything sooo cute ... as they were talking german, but with this fun accent and mistakes here and there.
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2011-07-13 10:45 am

The new flat - part I

I owe you some pictures.
Here is a first quick batch of the new flat and our renovations.

Tearing down whats there )

That's it for now. There is way more and more stuff we did (like removing the wooden cieling for example), but I'll show more pics another time.
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2011-06-26 05:12 pm

Just so

- X-Man First Class was pretty awesome, imho.

- I bought the Womens-Worldcup Panini sticker-album and we are going to watch the first match Germany will have today. But honestly, I still don't like football/soccer at all.

- I'm hungry.

- I'm working on a catalogue. I really wish I had my glasses back. I feel like I can't stare at the screen much longer without.

- Next week: Cousins birthday, traveling home, missing a friends awesome birthday party, maybe meeting old school friend again and work, work, work.
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2011-06-24 07:36 pm


So, around then years ago or lets say 12, I started a 'Friendship-Book' in school. Usually kids do this in elementary school or maybe in 5th/6th grade, but I thought it would be cool to do that in my last years of school and it proved to be a very cool thing. I got lots of people to write into that book (and even some teachers)and it's a treasure to me, as I don't have contact to many of them anymore, but it's so nice to take the book and flip around in it and remember these people.
A hand full of you might even have written into the book! Or well, I guess two people or so *laughs*

Important was, I think, that I made the book myself. Well, it was a bought book, but an empty notebook. I made up a bunch of questions, like the memes we are used to post to livejournal or nowadays facebook. And I wrote the questions down by hand for each entry, before I gave the book to someone for a few days.

So, since a longer while I want to make another book like this. Now several questions came up.

- Will it again be a notebook that has to be filled or single pages, that I collect in a folder and bind later?

A notebook as more charme, but it always means I can only give it to one person at a time ... which is fine and worked before, but it gets complicated when it comes to friends living farther away. I'd fear to loose it when sending it by mail. The nice thing is you can see the entries of the people who filled it in before you with a notebook, this wouldn't be the case with a "collection of loose papers". I guess in the end I will choose the loose paper version and will bind them into a book at some point. Everybody would be free to look at it when visiting me ;)

- If I go with the single pages, how many?

In my first book people had to fill in 4 pages, but it was an DIN A 5 book, so smallish. This time I feel like I want to do A4, so double the size, but just two pages seems so ... well, not enough.

- Handwritten? Serious layout?

Do I write a page by hand and then copy it? Or scan it as a PDF, so my friends from overseas can fill it out and send it back to me? Do I just write down the questions? Again, by hand or with a nice type in Indesign? Do I add a fancy border or leave it as blank as possible, for people to design? Do I offer several designs or just a single one?

- What questions should I ask and how many?

Some things are like 'the basics', which I'd probably always ask (favourite movie / color / meal / ..., best way to contact, etc). Other things are ... well, there are a thousand questions one could ask in such a book.

This is where you come in! You may answer any question I asked above or state your opinion, but most of all I'd like to know which kind of questions ...
... you'd love to see in such a book
... you'd expect there
... you'd ask *your* friends

And hints and ideas welcome :)
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2011-06-09 09:40 am


- I lost my glasses :(
In the public bath. Left them in the locker, got dressed, noticed 5 mins later they are still there, checked, locker was taken again already. Got the people wroking there to open it, but it was not inside and nobody handed it in. Not even a few days later. Damn, damn, damn.

- Am gone the next few days, I'm at the WGT! Don't break the internet, while I'm gone! The others are on their way already, driving, I have to work for a few hours today, so I'm flying later.
Kriski, call me? We could try to meet!
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2011-05-31 10:41 am

(no subject)

So, we are re... doing? replacing? the electronics now in the flat. In the whole flat, except the kitchen (well, not true, there also, but without cutting open the walls).

It's diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty. And it's a lot of work. But somehow even fun. All slits (?) are done in Thomas room, I already started to make them in mine, but couldn't finish - the machine to make the slits is too heavy for me to work in head-hight and the slits near the ceiling are un-doable for me, I just can't lift it high enough and make a straight line. But vertical slits and the one near the floor are doable.
But really. It's dirty. And so, so loud! The noise is annoying, but doesn't bother me that much ... what bothers me is the thought of upsetting my neighbours :-/ Oh well, I hope we will have it done soon. There will be more slitting (haha) on friday and I guess we will finish both my rooms then at least. Maybe even the small hallway and the bathroom/toilet. Which would leave only the living room and the front hallway (hallway sound big, lol).

Work is going ok, now that Cheryl is gone and the two big projects (which were not supposed to be in their hot phase at the same time) are done and that makes me a lot more relaxed.

If you could choose, which would you like to see first?
- The 'A day in my life' post for which I made photos 3 weeks ago
- Big photopost for the flat and what we did there the last 2/3 months
- Big photopost with various/random/best of photos of anything that happened in the last months (with flat pictures, but only a few)
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2011-05-30 11:22 am



i need to post pics of (the state) our new flat (is in).
pic related, lol.
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2011-05-25 09:47 am

And remember to bring your towel!

Today we have two reasons to celebrate! It's ...