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Well, that is what it looks like here right now.
Old flat, not the new one! I will make a picturepost for the nw flat, soon.

Windows )

So ... tonight: Thor! And then I'll sleep over at Thomas' place, I guess ...
Now I gotta rush to work.
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Hätte jemand Lust, ca. eine Woche oder 10 Tage auf Naomi aufzupassen? "Übergabe" wäre jetzt am Wochenende. Bei uns in der Wohnung werden die Fenster neu gemacht und das will ich der Katze nicht antun ... Katzenklo würde natürlich mitgeliehen werden, Futter gäbe es auch etc, logisch.
In Frage kommen leider nur Personen, die ich irgendwie mit der Bahn erreichen kann (oder die Lust haben, die Katze + Zeug hier abzuholen).

Naaaaaaaaa? Wer kann diesem unglaublich zerknirschten Blick widerstehen? :D

Achja, außerdem: Heute gibt es bei Groupon Gutscheine für die Claudiustherme, Tageskarten für die Hälfte!


Apr. 10th, 2011 05:00 pm
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This morning I had a really unexpected Skype videochat with [livejournal.com profile] morfeusz! Good way to start into the day :D

After that my time was mostly spent working on freelancing stuff, a shame when the weather is as nice as it is right now. And it's actually a reason to think about getting a new Laptop or something ... oh well, in a few years *laughs*. But I was also told to write an offer for a new job for one of my clients so, yay, hopefully more money, whee! I really need it right now, so ... yeah.

Downside: Room's a mess, like always and I while I would have time here and there to clear this mess, my spoons are rather low since ... a long time. So it will stay a mess, probably the rest of the week.

Now I'll get dressed, finally, hop to the park to enjoy 15 minutes outside before I go to the usual sunday movie evening.

Other stuff I need to get out:

* Last weekend I did karaoke (or whatever it is called when you still hear the original singers vioce ... singstar like?) for the first time in my life and I actually wasn't that bad.

* I also did Pilates for the first time in my life last week and urgh, that's some hard stuff. It's good, but damn, I had awfully sore muscles the next days.

* Not so much runny nose anymore, now I'm coughing more, so it's probably not an allergy after all, I guess ... I just think I can be lucky that I had no drowsiness or anything else you usually get with this stuff.

* I could eat Griesbrei every day since a while. And I also crave a good Gulasch, for some reason unknown to me.
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If you have problems getting comment notifications from LJ (check it, many have this problem since weeks!), you might want to switch email providers for a while or change the notification to being directed to a) your livejournal inbox or b) a LJtalk messenger.

Read this to learn more: http://news.livejournal.com/135748.html
(In short: LJ seems to be on a spam list which many email providers use and thus are blocked for many)

Personally I switched over to gmail and hope I'll get commentmails again.
If I missed a comment of you in the last weeks, please feel free to point it out!
Please share this info.
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- Seen: The Concert (very cute)
- Seen: Pride and Glory (confusing at first, too long later)

Just minutes ago:
- Icon: Done (finally, duh)
- Bill: Still not written, guh
- Offer: Written

- Very quick shower
- Rush to customer

- Talk to guy about job offer. Still not really a clue what to tell him

- Getting wisdom teeth removed, ouch >.

10 Years

Jan. 1st, 2011 01:34 pm
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Happy Birthday to my livejournal, which is
10 years
old, as of today!

2.317 journal entries
11.697 comments recieved, 17.808 comments written

Which also means a big THANK YOU to all my wonderful LJ friends who kept me company all those years
and who are hopefully with me for another few!

* * *
And also a happy new year to you all :)
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I just wanted to wish everyone some Happy Holidays, no matter what you celebrate (if at all). I hope you all have some nice days surrounded by the people you love and that you may get wonderful presents, if thats part of your tradition.

*hugs her flist thightly*

And as a bonus, have a nice little christmas-sy news story:
Homeless man finds a bag with cash and turns it back in instead of keeping it - and is rewarded in numerous ways.
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So, since a few days I'm listening to nothing else but the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack on youtube ... because it's incedibly awesome. And it's always nice to read the comments underneath, because all do agree how fantastic this soundtrack is. And what I love about this is that fact that it's basically classical music, except for some parts.

So, so, so great. You should give it a try, even if you never saw BSG!

"This is so incredible. Came across this and baaam...why is this godlike Composer so unknown?"
"This is one of the best songs in any soundtrack ever. Amazing."
"The soundtrack for BSG is on par with the best movie soundtracks of all time! This is an amazing achievement and Bear McCreary should be headed straight to the top ranks of film composers in no time at all."
"This is one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces of music i've ever heard."

You can find the playlist here.

My favourite songs are ...

Passacaglia (LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!)
All Along The Watchtower
Roslin & Adama
Violence & Variations
Something Dark is Coming
The Dance
Prelude to War


Nov. 14th, 2010 12:54 pm
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Science saved my Soul - I might be in a highly emotional phase, I have no idea, but this video nearly made me cry. At least I really had goosebumps several times. Really good.

Gumm Wall in Seattle - and here are two 1GB pixel photos of it. Honestly, I'm the kind of person who finds that way more fascinating than disgusting.

Oh my god ... porn remake of the strange kind (Picture, NSFW)

[livejournal.com profile] ruguru - Masters of Photography - Great community for photo art.

PervyGirl@Tumblr - Nice porn/erotica, obviously NSFW
ArrowOfAdonis@Tumblr - "Catering to the female gaze" = Pretty guys, NSFW.

His face all red - A creepy comic, which [livejournal.com profile] rattenmaus showed me. It's awesome, even if I am also more the 'I want to know what is the solution!' kind of person. Here is the blog of the artist and here is her livejournal.

Not new anymore, but interesting anyway: Some guy posts the first issue of a scanned/pirated comic on 4chan to recommend it, author sees it, goes there to comment and decides to post the other 4 issues as well for free to download ... what happens? Sales skyrocket! The blog of the comic, stats showing the sales, part of the archived threat on 4chan, the comic in color/BW for free download.

And another promising webcomic: The Zombie Hunters.

LESEN! (german only, sorry)
Seltene Erden - Habe ich in letzter Zeit öfter mal drüber gehört/gelesen/mit anderen gesprochen.
"Sie heißen "seltene Erden" und sind für Zukunftstechnologien unentbehrlich. China weiß das und verringert seine Exporte. Der Aufschrei in den Industrieländern ist groß: Droht nach der Finanzkrise nun eine Rohstoffkrise?"

Die Legende vom nachhaltigen Wachstum - Ganz unbedingt lesen! Sehr wichtiges/spannendes/interessantes Thema, durchaus auch in kritischem Zusammenhang mit dem Artikel hier drüber.
"Würden wir eine Welt vermissen, in der man sich zwischen drei Dutzend Fernsehprogrammen, Internet, DVD, Kino und anderen Zerstreuungen glaubt entscheiden zu müssen und in der Spaß zum Freizeitstress wird?"


Oct. 19th, 2010 05:50 pm
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35 picutres with short comments. Enjoy :)

Stockholm in 6 days )
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... by sharing some links.

Interesting photo-documentary about Afghan Policewomen.

Oldie but goldie: Young me, now me. People send in pictures of themselves now and some years ago, often simulating the pose of the older picture. Wonderful!

Jane Austens Fight Club Trailer - "No corsets, no hatpins ... and no crying!"

Roleplay is the answer (Photo) (Hm, did I post this before?) - I seriously love this.

The Art of Lindsey Carr - It's her blog, scroll a bit to see pictures.

Riitta Ikonen sends postcards to her friends which are made out of anything but paper ... rather they are made from stone, hair, feathers, strings, brushes ... From 160 different cards only 5 didn't reach their destination.

A Sandman/Inception crossover comic (sfw), really beautiful!

Another webcomic to follow for everyone: Saturday morning breakfast cereal! Each strip can be read individually.

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Here is an explaination how to hide the new "crossposting to FB/Twitter" option in your own journal. I followed the steps and they seem to work, at least now the options are gone when I click on reply in one of my entries. It is still there when I hit reply to an entry of another journal that has not applied this. (While this means noone commenting in your journal will see it, I guess the "feature" will be there if someone has not applied the steps and views your journal in her/his own style.)
edit: Might not work for everyone, maybe only for paid users? Please try it anyway!

LJ has a new "feature" whereby anyone who posts a reply on LJ to an entry (whether that entry is locked or not), can have their replies x-posted to Facebook or Twitter. This is an option that shows up when you hit the reply button. In order to avoid the comments (and implicitly the content of the entry) ending up on facebook for every stranger to see, even if only by accident, this is what you have to do:

1. Choose the "Journal" menu, and select "Journal Style"
2. On the right side of the page, there is your theme and below that a link with "Customize Your Theme". Go there
3. Among the options on the left side, there is "Custom CSS", click there.
4. You will see a box with on the left written "Custom Stylesheet", and put in that line : .b-repost-item {display:none}.
5. Take care that even if you use an external stylesheet, this will be included ("YES" on the option above)
6. Save the changes (button below)

To make the crosspost options go away on any entry in any journal, there is a greasemonkey script. But note that this is only for yourself, so it's basically a "page clean up".

ALSO: Please visit the last news entry and voice your opinion on this new feature as well!
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(x-posted @ photofriends on DW)

I ran across an article on lifehacker/diy photography (also also here and here) a few days ago, it was about altering the bokeh individually. Yesterday I tried it and the first images already proved I found something new to play around with ... so I thought I should share, because I'm probably not the only one who enjoys this :D Create a bokeh with stars, hearts, crosses or whatever!

I am not sure if this works with pocketkameras, but I doubt it, unfortunatly. But it shouldn't matter if your SLR is digital or not.

Under the cut you will find three pics of the enhanced camera and three sample pictures, taken with said enhancement.

6 big pictures! )
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... I just bought cutlery on ebay XD.
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So, I somehow wanted to make this post for ages, I don't actually know why ... most of you probably know most of the comics I will show you here. Anyway, maybe there is one or another you don't know yet.

I want to warn now: There is indeed adult material under the cut and it's a NSFW entry for sure.

It could happen that I expand this entry in the future.
Other recommendations welcome!

Webcomics and similar )

Elim Garak

Aug. 15th, 2010 01:13 pm
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Oh my, I didn't know! Now I love Garak even more ... so sad Andrew Robinson concept of the character was a few years ahead of his time, shame on the producers they didn't let him play Garak as the actor first intended him:

Q: Some fans have speculated about Garak’s private life.

Robinson: Yes, and his sexuality. I started out playing Garak as someone who doesn't have a defined sexuality. He's not gay, he's not straight, it’s a non-issue for him. Basically his sexuality is inclusive. But--it’s Star Trek and there were a couple of things working against that. One is that Americans really are very nervous about sexual ambiguity. Also, this is a family show, they have to keep it on the "straight and narrow", so then I backed off from it. Originally, in that very first episode, I loved the man's absolute fearlessness about presenting himself to an attractive human being. The fact that the attractive human being is a man (Bashir) doesn't make any difference to him, but that was a little too sophisticated I think. For the most part, the writers supported the character beautifully, but in that area they just made a choice they didn't want to go there, and if they don't want to go there I can't, because the writing doesn’t support it.

Man, I would have so loved to see Garak and Bashir as a canon couple ... that would have rocked soooo much! *sigh*

And added to that, I can just add what someone else phrased nicely in a comment somewhere else: I know I'm preaching to choir here but I fail to understand how assassination, murder for various unsound reasons, violent sex, (attempted) genocide and whathaveyou are any more family friendly than two (I assume) consenting men enjoying some sweet lovin'
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The last days, while finishing that damn catalogue from hell, I started looking for something to read inbetween, because I craved fanfiction. As we recently saw a ST:TNG episode with cardassians, I happened to look for fanfic involving cardassians and indeed found some. There are especially quite some ff about Garak/Bashir, a pairing I do indeed enjoy, as I especially like Garak (from the few eps of DS9 I saw him in). What I found funny was that yesterday evening, when Thomas and I were watching four more eps of ST:TNG, there was also an ep with Bashir, as the Enterprise was visiting DS9 :D Funny! Also, this one ep he was in made me want to look for Data/Bashir, as it was also quite obvious, imho. But not today, no time today ... still need to finish the corrections of the catalogue. If there is time left afterwards I'll make more tomato jam or my taxes. And I have to prepare stuff for a family gathering (Thomas family) tonight.

The catalogue was really draining, but I slowly feel like I again have time for other stuff. It's really nice. And I really, really need to start inviting people to my birthday party, which will be in exactly three weeks, meep! The big 30 ... scary!

Also, something to be really happy and excited about: [livejournal.com profile] cos is going to visit me end of september, 2 and 2 days, as it seems ... I'm SOOOOO happy and so much looking forward to that! *bounce*! And a week before that I'll be in Sweden/Stockholm for 6 days with Thomas, also something I can't wait for! We are visiting friends, but we will also have two, three days for our own and I'm looking forward to that!

Two of my cousins are going to marry this/next year ... one of them is also having a baby (we'll, his soon-to-be-wife will have it). That's so ... strange! So grown up. See, I'm the oldest of the five grandchildren my grandparents have. One of the two who marry is even the youngest one of us five. And as I have no siblings, they are a pretty close part of my family for me, even if I only see them like once or twice a year. And it's not like we have much in common, but still.
I think I shocked my grandmother a bit with telling her that if I'm ever going to marry, it won't be in church and that my child is not going to be baptised. Poor her :-/ But then, she's not really christian, well, she is, but not in the 'going to church every sunday' kind of way, not even in the talking about god or praying kind of way, it's just, as she put it ... 'But it's done that way!' (it's = wedding in church, being baptised, ...). Oh well. Let's wait if I'm getting married at some point in the first place ;)

Also, I really miss [livejournal.com profile] zorn who is on a fantasy festival since 9 days ... but she's coming back tomorrow, so, yay! AND [livejournal.com profile] calliste will visit tomorrow and next week [livejournal.com profile] rattenmaus will be here and I'm so happy to see them again, too! So many lovely people! YAY!

Last but not least, a rare quiz, but with very fitting results:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


You scored 100% Gender-Abolitionist, 100% Sexually Liberal, and 40 % Socialist

You are the Gender-Liberal. This means that you share qualities with both Liberal Feminists and Gender Abolitionists. Like the Liberal Feminist, you feel political change needs to be done on a small-scale level through legislative change, not necessarily through a massive destruction of class society through the adoption of an extremist socialist stance. You are also very concerned with sexual liberation, and feel that women should be free to do what they please sexually without criticism, just as men should be free to do. However, you differ from the Liberal Feminist culturally, because you see gender as a social construction that needs to be destroyed. Like the Gender Abolitionist, you realize that gender is often perceived as one's identity, when it should only be perceived as a small, insignificant part of that person. We shouldn't be able to say "This person IS a woman". Rather one should say something more akin to "This person HAS the physical traits of a woman". This way, we wouldn't be assuming someone's physical traits are a part of their identity, and we couldn't use this difference to oppress them or categorize them. In short, you advocate extreme cultural change through the destruction of gender roles, but politically you are less extreme, instead focusing on individual or legislative change as opposed to a massive change of ideology.

The other feminist types:
The Housewife, The Marxist, The Liberal, The Liberal Extremist, The Gender Abolitionist, The Radical, The Gender-Liberal, The Revisionist

Take The Feminism Test at HelloQuizzy

Meme 6/30

Jul. 9th, 2010 12:22 am
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Day 06: Whatever tickles your fancy

My grades )
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Day 04: Your favourite book

I really enjoyed this one ...

... and for my diploma I read this one and really loved it!

Actually, I basically read no fiction books anymore. Well, mostly, anyway. I mean, not only for studying reasons, also for myself,70% are non-fiction, 20% comics and 10% other, including fiction-books. I can't really say why. I just really enjoy reading about what's going on in our world. Most of the non-fiction I enjoy is stuff about, don't know, evolution, math, biology, the mind, etc. I've not yet read any biographies and I'm not much into (human) history.

Also, because I'm one day late:

Day 05: Your favourite quote

Are and probably will always be the Lyrics to this song ...
Everybody's free (to wear sunscreen) - Baz Luhrmann )

The Rest )
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watch these blooper reels ... really, they are so, so, so funny and well mixed! It's more about the mix then the bloopers, actually. I had to laugh so much XD.

TNG S1 Blooper Reel Part 1
TNG S1 Blooper Reel Part 2


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