Sep. 17th, 2011 06:46 pm
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Time flies by so fast, sometimes I wish I could press a "pause" button.

Yesterday evening I wanted to go to the Essigfabrik, first time in months ... but neither Thomas nor Zorn could join me, Marlen and I phoned and she said she was too lazy, too and my last reason to go (friends where his birthday is today) said they wouldn't go either. Sooo ... I was in bed before 12 >.< Oh well, it was nice, I was just so tired, but yeah. No dancing again, for me, saaaad.

Anyway, I used being up early to hop on the train to Bonn to visit the monthly fleamarket there (Rheinaue). And well, like the last time ... damn that thing is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge! I met Moni and together we wandered around until 3 pm, that was 5 hours (!) for me of going around and We still only saw like 2/3 maybe. I didn't find that much, a comic/art-book about Moebius, some stickers (which I got for free) for someone else and a learning game for a friends son who will get into school now (LÜK - kennt das noch wer? :D Nostalgie pur, echt :DDD).

In a few friends will come over and we'll go and eat somewhere, after that we'll hang out at the Kyffhäuser (Tankstelle - if anybody wants to join).

I collected some links again I need to share.
I found good music, I want to show you.
I got a sh*tload of pictures I want to post and even more photos I took.
Maybe tomorrow.
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