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I owe you some pictures.
Here is a first quick batch of the new flat and our renovations.

First meal ever in our new flat, think it was on the day we got the keys. It's a nice salad.

Living room, before we started with anything.

The tiny bathroom, all brown in brown. Here Simon is testing if the block there is hollow or massive.

We are starting with removing the carpets everywhere. They were old enough that the downsides turned to dust.

Checking how many layers of wallpaper we will have to remove. Here not that much, but they added tinfoil and newspaper for insulation. The tinfoil had a really, really bad side effect.

My mom and grandparents help removing wallpaper. This was the only room where it was very easy to do, we could just tear it down in big pieces.

Here: The bad effect of the tinfoil - mould, that nobody noticed for years. It's even dead already, so we are just removing it as good as possible, put mould-stuff everywhere and yeah.

Simon on the way to the roof, what you see here is the entrance to our flat from the hallway. Nice yellow tiles, y/y? >.< Oh well, we don't live in the hallway.

On the roof. Our house pretty much looks like the green house you can see here, it's basically our twin-building.

Flöti and Thomas, shortly before the bathtub is ripped out.

That was more what wallpaper removing looked like. Layers upon layers of wallpaper that just didn't want to come off ...

Carring the bathtub into the livingroom. What you see here is the tiny entrance they opened after they closed the door that led from the living room to the second hallway. This opening here leads from the first hallway into my living room (which also has access to the second hallway). We will close this entry here.

Bathroom without bathtub ...

Sometimes we need a break. It was great to have so many helpers in the beginning!

Also, sure, if we close the entry, we have to reopen the original door in the living room. Here Flöti is ... well, opening it up again.

I did not only take photos!

Already looks like a door, nearly. Marlen is fighting the wallpaper.

Door is done!

This is the small passage we will close. We'll put a wardrobe in front of it.
On the wooden thingies on the wall to the right (and the left) a wooded wall was attached which we ripped out (only to find 3 layers of wallpaper underneath).

Looots of rubbish.

Uh, some ... piece we removed somewhere.

We found reeaaaaaaaly old tubes. They were replaced with new ones already, thankfully.

Getting rid of the tiles in the bathroom. The machine is too heavy for me and even the boys mostly only managed to work with it for 20 minutes or so. We still have to remove some tiles. Martin, the guy who does the cables and stuff just bought such a machine, which is cool, as it means we don't have to rent it. Unfortunatly, his machine is even heavier than this one.

Taking a rest on the balkony.

By now we managed to break the balcony door and can't open it right now, argh1 Hope a friend who comes over can fix it.

That's it for now. There is way more and more stuff we did (like removing the wooden cieling for example), but I'll show more pics another time.
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