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So, around then years ago or lets say 12, I started a 'Friendship-Book' in school. Usually kids do this in elementary school or maybe in 5th/6th grade, but I thought it would be cool to do that in my last years of school and it proved to be a very cool thing. I got lots of people to write into that book (and even some teachers)and it's a treasure to me, as I don't have contact to many of them anymore, but it's so nice to take the book and flip around in it and remember these people.
A hand full of you might even have written into the book! Or well, I guess two people or so *laughs*

Important was, I think, that I made the book myself. Well, it was a bought book, but an empty notebook. I made up a bunch of questions, like the memes we are used to post to livejournal or nowadays facebook. And I wrote the questions down by hand for each entry, before I gave the book to someone for a few days.

So, since a longer while I want to make another book like this. Now several questions came up.

- Will it again be a notebook that has to be filled or single pages, that I collect in a folder and bind later?

A notebook as more charme, but it always means I can only give it to one person at a time ... which is fine and worked before, but it gets complicated when it comes to friends living farther away. I'd fear to loose it when sending it by mail. The nice thing is you can see the entries of the people who filled it in before you with a notebook, this wouldn't be the case with a "collection of loose papers". I guess in the end I will choose the loose paper version and will bind them into a book at some point. Everybody would be free to look at it when visiting me ;)

- If I go with the single pages, how many?

In my first book people had to fill in 4 pages, but it was an DIN A 5 book, so smallish. This time I feel like I want to do A4, so double the size, but just two pages seems so ... well, not enough.

- Handwritten? Serious layout?

Do I write a page by hand and then copy it? Or scan it as a PDF, so my friends from overseas can fill it out and send it back to me? Do I just write down the questions? Again, by hand or with a nice type in Indesign? Do I add a fancy border or leave it as blank as possible, for people to design? Do I offer several designs or just a single one?

- What questions should I ask and how many?

Some things are like 'the basics', which I'd probably always ask (favourite movie / color / meal / ..., best way to contact, etc). Other things are ... well, there are a thousand questions one could ask in such a book.

This is where you come in! You may answer any question I asked above or state your opinion, but most of all I'd like to know which kind of questions ...
... you'd love to see in such a book
... you'd expect there
... you'd ask *your* friends

And hints and ideas welcome :)
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